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Link to Kenwood TS-180S Files

Another great Website about Kenwood Hybrids By K4EAA

12BY7 Tube Specifications

6146    Tube Specifications

6146A  Tube Specifications

6146B  Tube Specifications

6146W Tube Specifications

AT-180 Operating manual

AT-180 Schematic

AT-200 Operating Manual

AT-230 Operating Manual

AT-250 Operating Manual

AT-250 Service Manual

Buck and Boost Transformer Diagram from ARRL

Kenwood Connectors & diagrams

DFC-230 Instruction Manual

DFC-230 Schematic

DG-5 Service Manual

DG-5 Operating Manual

Dk-520 Install and Service Manual

Building the DK-520 for the TS-520 instructions

Hewlett-Packard 8640 B Scope Manual

HTX-242 Service Manual

Johnson Matchbox Kw or 275 Manual and Schematics

Kenwood Filter Spec Sheet

Kenwood Microphone Specifications

Kenwood Radio Micro Processor RESET Procedures

MC-30s and MC-35s Instruction Manual

MC-50 Instruction Manual

MC-60A Instruction Manual

MC-80 Instruction Manual

MC-85 Instruction Manual

MC-90 Instruction Manual

Microphone Wiring Diagrams, courtesy of G4WPW website

Parallel Port CW Interface

PC-1A Phone Patch Instruction Manual

PS-30 Operating Manual

PS-40 Instruction Manual

PS-50 Instruction Manual

PS-510 Schematic

PS-52 Manual and Schematic

R-2000 Service manual

R-2000 User manual

R-820 Communications Receiver Brochure Courtesy of VK2IE

R-820 Owners manual

R-820 Owners manual With Adjustments

R-599 Operating Manual

R-599D Operating Manual by K4ALE

R-599D Operating Manual

R-599D Schematic by K4ALE

R-599S Service Manual courtesy of K7ZS

R-599 2 Meter CC-29A and 6 meter CC-69A receive Converter instruction sheets

Schottky Diode Specs

SM-220 Station Monitor Instruction manual

SM-220 Station Monitor Original Brochure Courtesy of VK2IE

SM-220 w/BS-8 Pan Adapter and TS-530S Installation Instructions Courtesy of KJ4AUR

SP-180 and SP-230 Schematic

SP-230 Operating manual Courtesy of N3XRU

SP-820 Service Manual

The 6146 Family Of Tubes by Glen Zook

T-599 Operating Manual

T-599D Operating Manual by K4ALE

T-599D Schematicby K4ALE

T-599S Service Manual courtesy of K7ZS

TL-922 Sales Brochure Courtesy of VK2IE

TL-922 Operator Manual- Hi Resolution

TL-922 Service Manual

TL-922 10 meter Mod instructions

Transformer Saver by N9WB

Kenwood Twins Interconnect Cable wiring PinOut

Kenwood Twins Interconnect Cable Picture 1

Kenwood Twins Interconnect Cable Picture 2

Kenwood Twins Interconnect Cable Picture 3

Kenwood Twins Interconnect Cable Picture 4

TS-510 External VFO Manual

TS-510 Operating Manual

TS-510 Operation and Service Manuals

TS-510 Service Manual

TS-520 Completed 12 Volt Heater Modification by VK5YO

TS-520 Completed 12 Volt Heater mod by VK5YO

TS-520 Completed 12 Volt Heater mod with captions. VK5YO

TS-520 Operating Manual

TS-520 Service Manual

TS-520S Operating Manual

TS-520S Service Manual

TS-520S Hi resolution Schematic by KB7VCO

TS-520S Very Hi resolution Schematic (Big, but worth it)

TS-520S Hi Full Resolution Schematic

TS-520S LARGE Hi Full Resolution Schematic

TS-520SE Service Manual

TS-520SE Instruction Manual

TS-520S Service Manual

TS-530 User Manual Not SP version

TS-530SP Operator Manual

TS-530S/SP/D Service manual

TS-60S Instruction Manual

TS-60S Block Diagram

TS-60 Schematic 1/3

TS-60 Schematic 2/3

TS-60 Schematic 3/3

TS-820 Brochure front

TS-820 12 Volt Heater Mod wire picture

TS-820 IF and RF Board Schematics

TS-820 Operating Manual

TS-820 High Resolution Schematic

TS-820 VFO Servicing Procedure

TS-820 High Resolution Service Manual

TS-820 High Resolution Diagrams

TS-820S Service Bulletins

TS-820S Service Manual

TS-820 Manual Error for Speech Processor.pdf

TS-830S Neutralization Cap Location

TS-830S Transformer tap identification

TS-830S Survival Guide

TS-830S Transformer Outputs

TS-830S Transformer outputs #2

TS-830S Conversion to 12 Volt 6883B Finals

TS-830S High Resolution Schematic from K4EAA

TS-830S Instruction Manual

TS-830S High Resolution Operating Manual

TS-830S High Resolution Service Manual

TS-830S / M Service manual

TS-870S Instruction Manual

TS-870S Service Manual

TS-930S Service Manual Early Version

TS-930S Service Manual with correct Final Bias info -20 version

TS-940S Instruction Manual

TS-940S Service Manual Courtesy of KJ4GU

TS-950SDX Operating Manual

TS-950SDX Service Manual

TV-502 Schematic

TV-502 operating Manual

TV-502 Service Manual

TV-506 Operating Manual

TV-506 Schematic

VFO-230 Instruction Manual

VFO-240 Instruction Manual

VFO 820 Schematic

VFO-520 Operating Manual

YK-88C Manual


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